Who We Are?


Finding accurately translated Arabic research that matches the original English content on the internet was always a dilemma for Arabic speakers. Therefore, we established the Arabic Digital Reform Institute (ADRI) in New Zealand. By employing artificial intelligence (AI) into the process of translation and publishing largescale Arabic research, we were able to bridge the academic gap and assist researchers and academics inside and outside the Arab world.


Using cutting-edge, state-of-the-art AI technologies to facilitate the translation and publishing mechanism to ensure the reach of the translated Arabic content to all Arabic speakers, regardless of their geographical location.


The Arabic Language

The connecting link, and possessor of manifold meanings. It can be used to express diverse connotations with one word or to expatiate based on personal appeal and necessity.

Academic Integrity

By respecting work ethics represented by honesty, trust, and integrity that we share with other academic communities.


We strive to befit as a pioneer of the dissemination of the Arabic academic knowledge inside and outside the Arab world, while maintaining the scientific standards and procedures followed in the Arab academic circles. Pride is taken in being part of the knowledge dissemination process.


We are committed to providing academic content to Arabic speakers without prejudice.


At ADRI, we are distinguished by having a sustainable business model to provide the service of digitizing Arabic content.

Our business aims to create an inclusive academic network that gives particular attention to communities within the less developed countries of the region.

Improving the accessibility of Arabic academic content online will help Arabic Universities increase citations per paper and therefore improving their QS international rankings. This ranking plays a primary role in the universities' financial status where the annual budget of each university is often enhanced per the QS ranking improvement; or diminished where the ranking deteriorates. Success can also be measured by the number of subscribers to our platform.


Our market comprises all the academic institutions across the Middle East and North Africa. We have surveyed this market and we were able to identify 1000 institutions that will benefit highly from our content and technologies. The total number of students in these institutions amounts to nearly 9.5mn population. The primary language of the members of this academic community is Arabic, however, their studying material is primarily English and to some extent French. These organizations are currently challenged by the lack of Arabic academic literature and therefore, looking for a proper source of academic material in Arabic. We developed the relevant technologies and processes where this issue is appropriately dealt with, and the lack of research is diminished or eliminated effectively.

Our Partnership

We thrive on a partnership philosophy where the work of few often prevails in quality and magnitude in comparison to a soloist effort. And therefore, we have been fortunate of orchestrating a network of impactful partners to aggregate the support it required to achieve its ambitions. And by the same token, we invite all interest groups, international organizations, and academic communities to reach out at any time and share their feedback and recommendations with us. It’s our collective efforts that could paint a better tomorrow for us all.