Modern Translation Movement

Aspired by the historical translation movement, We aim to start a second movement of mass translation for the Arabic academia. By utilizing ADRI’s latest innovations, we’re aiming to call on all Arab scholars to join our movement, to review and release our translated researches and help us publish the critical mass of research in all academic subjects.

During the Abbasid Caliphate, Caliph Harun AlRasheed initiated a nationwide translation movement, calling on all Islamic scholars, to translate Greek, Indian and Roman manuscripts into Arabic while getting rewarded the same weight of the book in gold.

The "House of Wisdom" (Bayt al-Hikmah) was a major intellectual center and a key component of the Translation Movement and the Islamic Golden Age. Many various writers and translated texts from the Greek, Persian, and Indian civilizations were found in the library.

The House of Wisdom's translation process was meticulous. Depending on the field of study of the book being translated, a specific person or group of people would be in charge of those translations.

The books would need to be copied and bound once the translation was complete. The translation would be given to someone with extremely precise and skilled handwriting abilities. When completed, the pages would be bound together with a cover, decorated, catalogued, and placed in a specific ward of the library. Multiple copies of the book would also be produced for distribution across the empire.